Articulation in Singing

by Tim on January 18, 2008

A song is a combination of words and melody. Devoid of either element it loses its identity. In truth, a purpose of singing is to interpret or translate words so as to strengthen ideas set forth in the text in an artistic way.
All too seldom does one find a vocalist who fulfills to a high degree this mission. It is not always a simple thing to do so, for the nature of the words, as well as the range and tempo of the music, sometimes makes it difficult to enunciate clearly. Nevertheless, the listener has the right, within limits, to expect an intelligible rendition of a song, and the singer should bend every effort to satisfy such expectation.

To articulate distinctly and fluently requires lingual and labial dexterity which, although not always inherent in a voice, can usually be acquired by practice.

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